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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WCA - Underhand questions - be on your guard

The answers given to a variety of seemingly innocent and innocuous questions posed within a WCA can have a very precise interpretation by Atos and/or DWP. Some examples are:

Visiting a supermarket
ability to walk unaided, without pain or exhaustion for 800m+
Driving a car for 10 – 15 minutes
ability to self-propel in a wheelchair 200m+ without pain or exhaustion
Walking 30m
ability to walk 60m on the basis of 30m outbound + 30m return journey
Use a bus
ability to stand in a queue for 30+ mins
Watch films on TV
ability to sit continuously for 90+ mins
Watch soaps on TV
ability to sit continuously for 30 mins.
Holiday to Cornwall
ability to sit for 3 hours at least
Appointment 30 mins late
sat in the waiting room continuously for 30 mins

DWP will not confirm or deny if there are any others


Leon said...

Do not for get the dog one if you say you have a dog they will assume you walk it

Tia Junior said...

Indeed. I had to point out that I actually ride on our Great Dane - two can play at that game!