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Sunday, 12 August 2012

WCA Audio Recording - where do we go from here?

We all know how disgracefully DWP has progressed this exercise and that holes can be picked in every aspect of it but we are where we are.  The Government will use its fabricated evidence that there is no demand to maintain its current stance which will become stronger as time goes on because demand will look even lower and unless Harrington explicitly condemns the so-called trial, I cannot see this changing. 
[He would do well at the same time to remind everyone WHY this suggestion first arose and reflect on whether the problem still exists or not:  if it does, what solution does he propose if not this; if it doesn’t, what else has removed it and what evidence is there to support the proposition.]
As I understand it, anyone who is faced with a ‘session behind closed doors’ is legally entitled to record it (but I am not a lawyer).  The plan would therefore be to present the Government with what they would see as the lesser of two evils and no other options – either they relinquish all control with everyone doing their own thing, or retain some semblance of order and consistency by running this facility properly as they should have done in the first place.

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