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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

WCA - No measurement, no targets, no interest, no compassion, no ethics.

This is an extract from a very straightforward Freedom of Information exchange with DWP over something pretty basic.

Messrs Grayling & Harrison are agreed that the overriding priority is to ensure that WCA decisions are right first time and it is normal business practice to establish the parameters through which progress can be objectively measured.
1) Long term, once the process has settled, what error rate does DWP regard as acceptable and by when?
2) What are historical and current error rates?
3) What milestone dates has DWP set itself to reach the long term acceptable error rate?
 At present, DWP does not collect data in relation to WCA Decision Making. It is not therefore possible to provide current or historical information.
Although the answer here is clear, it is impossible to believe that no Government Minister and no senior civil servant regards this statistic as indispensible. If you do not monitor it, what statistics do you use to track process performance and accuracy?
Having concluded my review, I am satisfied that we responded correctly to your original request for information.
So next time you hear someone say that things are getting better, you now know that they really have no idea.

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