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Monday, 30 April 2012

The WCA - Condition variability, task repeatability & pain.

The venerable Professor Harrington has recognised there is a problem in accurately assessing all of these aspects of any condition in a single session – it doesn’t matter how long the session is or the sophistication of the equipment available – it is simply an impossible proposition.
What therefore is the best that anyone can do?  Well, it starts with a good, in depth understanding of the diagnosis.  All but the most recently discovered illnesses & disabilities are well documented together with the range of symptoms and impairments associated with each.  Likewise with surgical remedies, the range of outcomes is generally very precisely recorded from the most to the least common.    At the end of the day, all the HCP can do is ensure that the description offered fits within these expected ranges and consistent with any other evidence.
However, (with all due respect) this requires a far greater degree of medical knowledge than a nurse or physiotherapist would possess.  The mantra of the WCA – that it does not require clinical expertise or diagnostic experience – in this area is an obvious nonsense.
It will be interesting to see how Prof H attempts to solve this problem using his current philosophy – the Atos model is sound.

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