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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Reconsideration Process in DWP – what is the point??????

The absence of information in response to this FoI request is staggering in the context of effective management.. DWP does not know:

• How many of its initial decisions are appealed
• What the impact (if any) of its internal reconsideration process is, so it cannot possibly determine if it offers value for money, so why not get rid of it?

It is in contrast pushing ahead with a proposal to make reconsideration mandatory rather than (as it is now) optional. It claims to have undertaken a comprehensive impact analysis, which is impossible without this information, so it has no idea of what the effects will be on DWP itself or the Tribunals service and therefore no idea what effect it will have on claimants. This of course means that none of these factors matter, notably the last.

Worst of all, it has no targets – notably the accuracy of right-first-time decision making. How can you possibly manage a process to an end point without knowing what it is? The expression “couldn’t run a heavy drinking session in a brewery” comes to mind.

No wonder the economy is bust

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