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Friday, 20 January 2012

I trust my GP - please don't spoil it.

#DWP rejects using GPs for #WCAs because they are ‘too soft' (I prefer the words ‘sensibly cautious’).  They fear they will damage the 'relationship' and trust that exists between GP & patient.
Firstly, I do trust my GP.  I trust him to always advise in my best interests.  That that would include returning to work if that is what he thought.  After all, this is what the Hippocratic Oath is all about.
Secondly, I also respect my GP.  If therefore he thought I’d be better off working, I’d expect him to hold his ground despite my protestations.  This too is what the Hippocratic Oath is about.
Thirdly, my ‘relationship’ with my GP is professional only and based on hopefully mutual trust and respect.  He is not my best friend.  Having a sensible debate about whether or not work is a good idea is no less than I would expect.
I am absolutely confident that we would quickly reach agreement.  This does not mean he just gives in; otherwise he loses the trust and respect.
Not all GPs would be prepared to display this degree of integrity, but appropriate direction and monitoring from their highly influential professional bodies would soon bring transgressors into line.
Sadly, this could all go for a ball of chalk if they press on with this rather greedy objection to a small cut in pension payments.  That have done very well thank you over the past decade in the face of the general economic difficulties.  They will do even better if the Government gets its way with NHS reforms.  The pensions of many are so large that they will still be in the ‘top earners’ group (over £65k p.a.).  Surely a modest reduction is not unreasonable?

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