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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ongoing DWP Deception & Misrepresentation with WCA (1)

Not a surprise to many that this takes place, but I will continue to highlight examples as best I can to help you avoid the pitfalls and add to the fast growing body of data that exposes the underlying political dogma that lends itself to legal challenge at some point.

This post relates to the March 2011 decision to remove the bending and kneeling test/descriptor from the WCA, the reason given being that these movements are no longer a significant feature of the modern workplace.  Who says?

DWP’s response was that disability equality legislation has been in place for a number of years and this was enough to indicate that the descriptor changes were justified.  They directed me to a couple of reports that would apparently explain the detail and provide the corresponding evidence.

They did nothing of the kind and one even pointed out that overall, there had been deterioration in compliance with the law since 2005!  More ironic was the fact that in the first few pages, DWP has printed is standard disclaimer saying that the view expressed in the report are not necessarily supported by DWP.
If this is the best “evidence” they have, God forbid, but they have been unable to provide anything better to justify the descriptor change.  All this proves of course is that the REAL motivation is coming from political dogma NOT sound scientific evidence – something many know or suspected already.

Sooner or later, this continual drip, drip, drip of undermining and disproving the propositions on which policies have supposedly been based will expose the sham for what it is and bring about the obvious and simple change of direction needed.

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