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Friday, 20 January 2012

MP letter - WCA recordings


One of the major issues with the WCA is the fact that Atos HCPs simply do not report everything that is said and in recognition, Professor Harrington recommended long ago that the sessions were recorded.

A feasibility study was completed 6 months ago, but apparently the results have yet to be fully assessed and published.  DWP will not even commit to a date, which is just not acceptable given the importance of this proposal.

Can you please do what you can to sort this out.  It is understandably causing a great deal of suspicion as it looks like someone has something to hide.  We at least need the results published urgently.  What is done next can be decided subsequently.  The standard bland “we are in the process of. . . . . . . . “ stone-walling will not be acceptable – they must at least explain why it is taking so long and commit to a publication date.


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