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Thursday, 13 October 2011

FoI Act request - Atos / DWP contractual arrangements

Dear Sir,

I would like to request the following information under the FoI Act.

1)      On what date did the current contract between DWP & Atos start?
2)      On what date does the current contract between DWP & Atos expire?
3)      Who are the main signatories for each party (names and job titles)?
4)      How many pages does the contract contain, including any appendices?
5)      What notice period is required by both parties for both renewal and termination if they differ?
6)      If DWP misses the notice period required to meet the contract end date, what subsequent rolling notice period applies?
7)      What is the minimum contract term allowed if the contract was to be renewed?
8)      Given the contract end date, when will DWP start evaluating the alternatives available?
9)      If DWP decides to terminate,
a)      Are there any termination costs associated with the contract?  If so
i)        to cover which items of expenditure?
ii)       at what cost?
b)      On termination is there
i)        any form of asset transfer to DWP and if so for what types of asset?  If this is the case, would the assets be transferred at market value of could DWP be faced with a write down or write off?
ii)       any requirement for DWP to take on any financial commitment from Atos? e.g. property leases/rents.
iii)     a liability for redundancy costs for DWP?
c)       Is DWP making any ongoing financial provision for contract termination?
10)   Within the existing contract, on what basis does Atos invoice? E.g. per WCA, fixed monthly fee etc.
11)   In normal terminology, is the contract “open “or “closed” book?
12)   What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are contained within the contractual service level agreement?
13)   What opportunities are available to Atos to maximise their revenue within the terms of the contract?
14)   What level of service failure would constitute breach of contract by Atos and allow DWP to terminate with immediate effect?
15)   What other actions by Atos would constitute breach of contract?
16)   What protection/compensation arrangements does the contract contain to protect DWP in the event of Atos breaching the terms of the contract?
17)   Given that Atos is a major supplier to the public sector, what corporate standards and behaviour has DWP demanded contractually from Atos, particularly in relation to how it deals with members of the public? 
18)   Within the scope of its contract with DWP, can Atos act against individuals or organisations in such a way that DWP itself cannot?
19)   Would DWP allow Atos to take any actions against members of the public that it would not take itself in identical circumstances?
20)   What opportunities are there within the contract term for either party to renegotiate certain elements?
21)   How frequently are prices (i.e. charges from Atos to DWP renegotiated?
22)   Are any elements of the contract subject to periodic price increases and if so based on which indices?
23)   If the contract is terminated for any reason (natural or early) in what circumstances would TUPE apply?

I assume I will have a response by 9th November 2011 latest.

Yours faithfully

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