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Friday, 14 October 2011

WCA Appeals - no ESA payments whilst waiting

Absolutely outrageous suggestion from Grayling.

To my MP:

This really is very serious – the article provides just one more example of how far out the WCA can be – it does not just make small errors on the margins.  Worse still is that if C Grayling gets his way, she would not receive any ESA at all whilst she waits for maybe 12 months for her appeal to be heard.   So,
  • He sanctions a WCA that he knows has a 40% error rate (it would be higher if more appellants had proper representation – for those that do, the success rate is 75%!)
  • He sanctions an appeal system which has a queue at least 9 month long
And then to cap it all says that he is not willing to make any payments for the delay and hardship caused by his own crass incompetence. 

Outrageous, cruel, vindictive and simply not acceptable.


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