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Thursday, 13 October 2011

FoI Act request - WCA Descriptors

[Question also addressed direct to Atos, awaiting response]

Dear Sir,

Since my email below, I have undergone an Atos medical assessment as part of a WCA and would like to amend the question as follows:

1.       The Atos healthcare professional  told me that as bending and kneeling is no longer a feature of a modern workplace, it is no longer necessary to consider either in the context of a WCA.  This was at the same time as she was having to both bend and kneel to complete the medical.  She said the decision was yours (i.e. DWP) and that is was based on sound evidence.  Can you therefore tell me where this evidence can be found and who in authority within DWP finally accepted the proposal to amend the WCA criteria accordingly?

2.       My background is in logistics. 
a.       Due to the high cost of space, every warehouse in the UK is equipped floor to ceiling, so bending/stooping/squatting is unavoidable.
b.      Likewise every self-service retail outlet in the UK stores merchandise at floor level.
c.       Similarly every office in the UK uses filing cabinets where some of the drawers are below waist and/or knee height.

I would like to know how the Minister reconciles these facts against the proposition above.

3.       Has DWP itself eliminated from all of its workplaces the need to bend/stoop/kneel?

Yours faithfully

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