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Saturday, 29 October 2011

FoI Act Request - WCA recording trial

29 October 2011
Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

As a result of Professor Harrington's recommendations, I believe that a trial was undertaken to fully record a representative sample of WCAs and that it was completed around 6 months ago.

1. When did the trial start?
2. How extensive was it - which WCA centres were involved & how many WCAs recorded?
3. When did the trial end?
4. Where is it possible to find the terms of reference and/or project definition for the trial and in particular its objectives and success criteria?
5. Were the attendees at each WCA aware that the session was being recorded?
6. Has the trial been considered a success?
7. What initial conclusions have been drawn?
8. When will the full results, conclusions and recommendations be published?
9. What are the next steps and when?
Given the continued controversy around the WCA, it is very much in the public interest that the results of this trial are publicised as soon as possible to hopefully dispel much of what might be
regarded as hearsay even if further trials are deemed necessary. If you feel otherwise, please explain precisely why as it will strongly suggest that there is something to hide.

Yours faithfully,

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