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Thursday, 27 October 2011

WCA Descriptors - no need to bend or kneel now

It appears that the Government has decided that as the modern workplace is so well designed ergonomically, that there is no longer a need to kneel or bend so it is no longer relevant to a WCA.  This of course means that ALL workplaces now only operate from the waist up – warehouses will have to be doubled in size (no bottom shelves) and all shops and supermarkets will have to reduce their stock by half.  The filing cabinet manufactures will have mixed feelings – no more sales of 2-drawer, but potentially double the sales of 4-drawer as the bottom two are no longer usable.

Seriously, have you ever heard anything so absurd?  Bending and kneeling is probably the most difficult manoeuvre for anyone with any form of muscular-skeletal problem so what better way to deny them ESA than eliminate their main problem from the assessment criteria.   For all those ejected from ESA to JSA has the Minister ensured that he has created sufficient jobs that involve no kneeling or bending to offer a realistic proposition of employment?  Of course he hasn’t and he could not give a toss!

Up until now, much of what I’ve come across with DWP/ESA I have put down to naive and /or mischievous management, but this is downright vindictive and based on the most ridiculous assertion I have ever heard. 

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