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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dear Mr Osborne - give it a break!

George Osborne has made his loathing of the sick and disabled plain enough since he has been in office, but now he is trying to cast his net even wider.

The rule is that annual inflationary increases to benefit payments are based on the September figure - 5.2% and barely in line with inflation.  OK, so it is higher than he would have liked and what he feels he can afford, but a promise is a promise. 

In previous years when the Semptember figure was lower than inflation, out of a sense of fairness, did he bump it up - NO HE DID NOT.  So, Mr Osborne you have no need to make your intentions any clearer, but this time if you do have a shortfall, find it elsewhere - the area within the MoD that thinks it is fine to pay £26 for a light bulb would be one place to start.

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