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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Feedback to Atos

This link is to the Atos Website and it invites comment: mine is below, but has not yet been moderated, so may soon disappear.  No need to be rude, just ask the right questions
Tia Junior says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
If a HCP concluded that an individual’s mobility would be improved if they were in a wheelchair when they do not normally use one, should the HCP discuss this directly with the individual at the time?
If a HCP holds the view that a trip to the supermarket means being able to walk, say 400m, should they make that clear to the individual, rather than run the risk of a misunderstanding? Supermarkets vary in size enormously.


Sam Barnett-Cormack said...

Disturbingly (given the fact comments are enabled and the subject of the page), but not surprisingly (given whose site it is), there are no publicly-visible comments on that page whatsoever. Fascinating...

Tia Junior said...

As you say, not at all surprising and I wonder why they have bothered.